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In joy the Sun and look at the moon turned 5 today!


Humble Peasants - The Most Serene Republic

Everything is serene when you have music that makes you smile and feel at ease. This track by The Most Serene Republic has been the masseur of my mind for many years; loosing up the knots in my brain that cause me to think in circles and helping me release all of the tension through soothing jazzy sounds that calm my soul.

“There is always something left to love.” -Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez


Moon Theory - Miami Horror

Miami Horror feels like cruising through the city in an expensive car as I revel in the glitz of women strutting in high heels, the sweet aroma of alcohol swimming in the air, and the streets illuminated with an aura of cool. Miami Horror sounds like the ideal of nightlife; synthesized and glamorized in the most infectious way.

"I’ll take you to the moon where the sun can’t shine through."


Bright Whites - Kishi Bashi

Don’t compare Kishi Bashi to Andrew Bird or Owen Pallet. Yes, they are all insanely talented multi-instrumentalists that create beautiful folk music. However, while Andrew Bird and Owen Pallet focus on soothing the soul, Kishi Bashi’s music skyrockets the soul into wondrous heights.

"We’re living in a land that went astray from history."

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Oh, It Is Love - Hellogoodbye

Oh, what is love? Is it the goosebumps that cover your entire body when a certain someone caresses you? Or when you cannot stop thinking about them, every minute of the day you are wondering what they are up to and constantly daydreaming about all the adventures that are to come? Or is love when you feel tranquility wash over you and for the first time of your life you can truly relax and just smile? Or is love simply the moment after a kiss as your breath escapes you and the only thing on your mind is how beautiful they are? I often wonder what love really feels like. I have told people that I have loved them before, but for some strange reason I am still unable to pinpoint what is love. Perhaps one day, I will find out.

"Oh, your heart may long for love that is more new. So when I’m gone these words will be here to ease every fear and dry up every tear and make it very clear, I kiss you and I know it is love from the first time I pressed my lips against yours."

"Oh could it be
I passed you by a thousand times before
Not knowing who you were”


[PHYSICS] ~ How Deep?

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from the “S/T” CD/LP (NNF278)
Not Not Fun / 2013